Our Mission and Vision

Our company mission is to provide taxi services, with safety, punctuality, professionalism and politeness  to passengers and society of the city of Heraklion and to the island of Crete in general, taking first and always to the needs of our passengers and visitors to island. This are attained through the use of modern technological tools that serve to better provide our services to our passengers, to our partners and to the members-company drivers. Applying teamwork understanding, and proper training of members-drivers and company executives allows us to improve all of our services offered, through a workplace healthy and productive, with the ultimate recipient of this services to be our passengers.

Our vision is for Candia Taxi to become synonymous with high-quality transport by taxi, and simultaneously to offer day by day even better service to our passengers and our partners.

To continually develop new ways of doing business, ensuring the long term interest of our company and its development on a constant basis. At the same time investing in long-term and stable strategic partnerships that can offer the quality that will allow us to create the right conditions to upgrade our services to passengers and our members-drivers.