Transportation Of Pets

Candia Taxi respecting the modern transport needs of our passengers who are pet owners would like to inform that with pleasure we will transfer you and your beloved pet in the desired destination in Heraklion or in any other destination on Crete. Furthermore we can provide a taxi service transportation out of the ordinary, such as picking up your pet and transferring it at a predetermined address. Eg veterinary clinic. There is no extra transport cost, only this of the route. So we give you the opportunity for easily transfer  to any destination you wish, without the stress of urban mobility and being separated from your pet or to save time by calling us to take your pet unattended to a desired destination.

Terms and conditions of transfer

  • Pet needs to have an updated health card.
  • Not to be a carrier of ectoparasites
  • Be up to 12kg
  • Cats should always be in the transport cage.
  • Use a transport cage throughout the transfer. (Applicable if the pet is unaccompanied)