“SuperTaxi” is a native mobile application that has been implemented for  application to Google Android smart devices, which “descends” and works on tablet-pc (downloadable) and transfers data over a network Telephony.

Call Procedure

The customer goes in taxi search either by phone or through a device connected to the internet (mobile or PC / laptop).

The call of the customer after being treated at the Super Taxi central unit, is automated channeled to all the drivers that are currently connected to the system and meet the criteria of the call. The application, based on a specific algorithm optimizes customer service, and is selecting the most appropriate vehicle for serving the call. The display of the vehicles have been selected to claim the race are displayed (along with voice information) in order for the driver to answer whether or not he/she wishes to participate in claiming the transfer.

When the transfer is awarded the to a driver, the system informs  both the call center and the customer. The driver is updated with the customer’s address as well as any additional information that may be selected (such as luggage, etc.). Through the application a message is also sent in case of a request by the passenger, that he will need help if there is reduced mobility.


The system guides the driver through the map to the point of customer acceptance, but also to point of destination. If the driver has some problems in finding the customer he/she has the ability to call the call center or the customer.

The driver has the following options:

  • Updates: Provides general information related to the driver, such as projects on the road or an accident blocking traffic on a road.


Background: the driver receives constant updates on the transfers which he/she has completed.

Information: available information on flight arrivals, ships and other features and where   probably potential passengers are located.

Appointments: he/she sees his/hers future appointments