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Candia Taxi offers you transportation services, with security and confort which ensures its luxury car's fleet. Feel free to choose one of the links in order to get more information...
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Candia Taxi S.A. is the first local taxi company which was established in Greece. It began its test operation at March 2003 consisting of twenty eight (28) Heraklion taxi owners

During its test operation and in cooperation with scientific team, it took place several research about the transportation for the city of Heraklion and for the needs of the client, in order to be satisfied from the radio taxi services.

At the 1st January of 2004 CANDIA TAXI S.A. is finishing its test operation and is starting to offer its services having in mind the clients services and also the special needs of the client.

The first achievent wa to settle up a TETRA radio system giving our clients :

  • easy using of the telephone center
  • respect and polite from the operator and the driver
  • fast arrival time to the client's address
  • clean, tidy and correct charge of the route

Today the company owns forty(40) Mercedes cars and twenty - five cars of other brands.


  • are air-conditioned.
  • are checked by the Greek Transportation Checking Authority (KTEO).
  • are using the national coverage communication system TETRA.
  • are in a very good condition, that is checked through several test.

The drivers:

  • have the special TAXI licence.
  • speak English
  • have been training in marketing seminars.
  • following the internal strick company policy.
  • know very well all the routes and destinations of Crete. They know all the Archaeological sites, the sightseeings ang the natural beauties of Crete.
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