Candia Smartphone Application

Through the app of Candia you can easily use a smartphone to call a taxi and to purchase a set of services such as airline tickets, ferry tickets, tickets for theater performances, concerts and sports events.

For a taxi

– Call a taxi from the company network of Candia Taxi, for the city of Heraklion or any other destination in Crete

– Select your starting point on the interactive map or by entering address, or selecting from predetermined points

– Save the “favorites” of your points of interest for future use

– Ability to call a taxi for that time or setting an appointment

– Ability to view the route of the taxi live

Air tickets:

– Search, book and buy airline tickets via flexible options

-Filter results by airline, stops, time and duration of flight & save for future use

Ferry tickets:

– Search, book and buy ferry tickets through flexible options

– Collect your tickets from the port or from a wide network of partners

Tickets entertainment:

– Search, book and buy all performances such as theaters, concerts, movies and sporting events

-Ability of ‘Smart’ search by criteria such as the venue, the entertainment category and price


For any questions or suggestion please contact us at 2810-361362