Taxi AD Candia

A new service of Candia Taxi for advertising your business.

Advertise in our taxi fleet and enter the heart of the city of Heraklion.


We are giving you the opportunity to select two different ways of advertising or combine them.


Outdoor Advertising

Stickers are placed on the rear doors or rear window.


  • It is a mobile advertising that draws attention of the public interest as ‘breaks’ the drab landscape of the urban environment.
  • Low cost compared to other ways of advertising.
  • Close to points of interest and major consumption centers (airports, terminals, restaurants, shopping malls, festivals, stadiums, ports).
  • Everyday is visible to thousands of people.
  • The message has a very long life ranging from 18-24 hours a day.
  • The advertisement is not limited only to the passenger of the taxi. Taxis are visible to all pedestrians, cars and passengers, regardless of their financial strength, age or gender.


Indoor Advertising



Message on the taxi tablet device.


Our company is equipped with high-definition tablets of the latest technology with size of  8 “for fast and immediate service of our passengers.

The tablet during a transfer is located in the center console of the car, visible to the passenger.


During transport the passenger has the ability to see your message in the current message flow which is solely controlled by our information center.



  • Repeated viewing in short time


  • Message is visible throughout the duration of the transfer.


  • The philosophy of the journey by taxi is such where the passenger makes use of, in market places and large consumption centers (airports, terminals, restaurants, shopping malls, festivals, stadiums, ports), and achieve the purpose of the immediacy of message.