Lasithi Tour

Kardiotissas Monastery

Starting the journey from Heraklion and travelling for 49 kilometers at 630 meters altitude we do our first stop at Kardiotissas Monastery. A miraculous stolen Icon of Theotokos, which now can be located in Rome, and the monastery its self that was build between 961 and 1204 add mystery and storytelling to the visitors. The history of the Monastery is full of legends of resistance from the period of Turkish occupation, awaiting to be discovered.

Psychro Cave

Second stop at 1049 meters altitude at Psychro Cave. The cave was a place of worship from the early Minoan years. The legend indicates that Zeus was born here. Today visitors from around the world visit the Cave to discover the scenic beauty of the cave and its history.

Windmills in Lasithi Plateau

Next stop the Windmills in Lasithi Plateau. The Windmills were operated in the number of thousands, contributing to the flour industry and agriculture of the Plateau, creating a unique landscape of pure beauty. Even today Windmills are the trademark of Lasithi Plateau, and one of the most beautiful places on Crete that a visitor should visit.

Krasi village

Taking our way back out of the Plateau and travelling southern, we visit the Krasi village. The plane tree at the central square of the village has been declared as a national monument, and is considered as one of the 5 oldest trees in Europe. It is believed to be over 1000 years old and favorite place of N. Kazantzakis and other Cretan writers, such as Varnalis and Avgeris. A stop for a visit at the Cretan traditional taverns will give you the opportunity to try unique traditional Cretan dishes and homemade desserts

Agios Nikolaos

Last stop before returning to Heraklion is Agios Nikolaos. The capital of Lasithi County. It is build around the Lake Voulismeni, a lagoon with lots of ancient and urban legends. Ancient legends suggest that Athena and Artemis were bathing in the lagoon. Urban legends suggest that the lake has no bottom, and that it is connected to the Santorini volcano. Exchange your views on the legends surrounding the Lake while having a drink, in one of the cafeterias located around the Lake.

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