Terms & Coditions for Online Booking

Terms & conditions

  1. Candia Taxi S.A.


1.1 Candia Taxi S.A. is a professional taxi transfer company established in 2003(tax registration number 999677353) in the city of Heraklion, in order to provide professional & safe transportation in the island of Crete.

The company’s is located in Antheon St. 27 in the city of Heraklion

1.2 Candia taxi S.A. offers through the web page wwwcandiataxi.gr  on line pre booked and pre paid service of taxi transfer, for passengers on the island of Crete.

1.3For business purposes we operate through a 24 hour service call centre at  0030 2811 810.255  and through  info@candiataxi.gr.

1.4For the purpose of  providing our professional transfer services we operate in accordance with the Greek national law.

1.5 Before making any procedures of booking an on line service with us, you should ensure that you have read and understood all our terms and conditions, as they will govern any subsequent contract.



2. Products and services

We offer transport on the Island of Crete on a 24 hour range, through a pre booked pre paid operation.


2.1 The person making a booking must be over 18 years old.


2.2 Following all the appropriate procedures and after providing in full all the correct details requested by Candia Taxi S.A. through our booking service, the booking is NOT complete if a payment is not confirmed.


2.3 Upon sending all the correct information required by Candia Taxi S.A. followed by the payment confirmation off the exact amount required,  Candia Taxi S.A. will proceed into making all the appropriate arrangements, for the requested transport of the contract.


2.4 The contract is in effect and binding only when the passenger or person that acts on behalf of the passenger(s) , and responsible of the arrangements of the booking on behalf of the passenger(s) has received the confirmation voucher via e-mail.


2.5 The person that arranges the booking must answer to all our notifications or remarks that are being send via e-mail and have to do with the booking arrangements. In case that the person responsible for the booking arrangements on behalf of the passengers(s) fails to acknowledge the receipt off an e-mail message, our server’s e-mail records will be considered as proof.


2.6 In any case that the passenger(s) is/are not in the position to located the driver(s) of Candia Taxi S.A.at the meeting point or they are delayed for any reason, it is the passenger(s)  responsibility to call the emergency telephone number provided and inform Candia Taxi S.A of any problem. In case passenger(s) fail to do so, Candia Taxi S.A is not responsible for any further inconvenience.


3. Prices and payment

We accept almost all the widely used method of payments as bellow:


We also accept money through a bank transfer to our account. In the case of a bank transfer we cannot make any arrangements unless the money transfer has appeared in the bank account of Candia Taxi S.A. that we will provide to you upon request.


4. Amendments

Procedure: You must contact us at booking@candiataxi.gr in order for us to arrange your booking amendment(s).


Α) 60 up to 30 days prior to the transfer date free of charge

Β) 30 to 15 days prior to the transfer date 5€ amendment fee

C) 15 to 7 days prior to the transfer date 8€ amendment fee

D) 7 days to 48 hours prior to the transfer date 12€ amendment fee

Ε) 48 hours to 0 hours prior to the transfer date 15€ amendment fee

5. Booking withdrawal right under Law. 2251/1994

The customer or agent who organizes the details of the reservation has the right of withdrawal and therefore he/she is entitled  of reimbursement of 100% the value of the money that the booking reservation cost  within 14 days from the date the booking was made, based on Law 2251 / 1994 Consumer Protection, as amended based on the Z1891 / 2013.

The date of receipt of the transportation service (booking), is set as the date when the customer or representative received electronic confirmation of booking (confirmation voucher) from Candia Taxi S.A. via email. If the date of the booking to the date of execution of the transfer is 14 days apart the cancellation policy does not apply as described in paragraph 6.In this case  the customer or representative of the booking procedures, is entitled to reimbursement of 100% of the value of the transfer.


6. Cancelation of service


Procedure: You must contact us at booking@candiataxi.gr in order for us to arrange a cancelation and return any amount entitled to be returned. The amount of money will always return in the bank account of the credit card that was used for the payment of the booking.


Cancelation fees:

A) Cancelation 60 to 30 days before the date of transfer the charge is the 10% of the total transfer fee

B) Cancelation 30 to 15 days before the date of transfer the charge is the 20% of the total transfer fee

C) Cancelation 5 to 7 days before the date of transfer the charge is the 50% of the total transfer fee

D) Cancelation 7 to 48 days before the date of transfer the charge is the 80% of the total transfer fee

E) Cancelation 48 to 0 days no refund


7. Changes in agreement

Candia Taxi S.A. can change any of the above terms & conditions without any prior statement of doing so.